Who is

Timur Koval


phone +7 707 823 92 66
e-mail iam@madtracer.com
telegram https://t.me/madtracer

What I’m doing?

Full-stack embedded systems development :
– Schematic and PCB design;
– MCU firmware development (preferably ARM);
– Linux kernel modules development (studying).

Moreover. I’m using Linux as my desktop OS and open-source software in development and sharing information about them here.

I’ve implemented a lot of freelance projects, so I will try to share some of them in my portfolio.


General :
– Git;
– Markdown;
– Doxygen.

Electronics :
– digital and basics of analog design;
– PCB design.

Programming :
– basic algorithms and data structures;
– C / C++ usage in MCU firmware, Linux system and applied programming;
– Qt C++ for applied programming;
– basics of Python.

Communication interfaces and protocols:
– inter system : I2C, SPI;
– intra system : USB, Ethernet, UART / RS232, RS485;
– wireless : Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM;
– high-speed : (studying).