Migrate from Wordpress to GatsbyJS

I finally came back to write a new post :) A few months ago, I decided to migrate my blog from Wordpress to any SSG (Static Site Generator). I was between Jekyll and GatsbyJS and chose GatsbyJS because it is written on JavaScript, most popular SSG nowadays and has many additional futures.


Deploying Qt Application as AppImage

Days ago Anton asked me to deploy one Qt application for him. I was using Qt Creator recently, unlike him, so I have it installed on my computer. At first, I thought that Qt Creator has any built-in instruments for deployment, however, it hasn’t (I haven’t deployed any Qt project yet).

Linux Kernel

Hello Kernel Development

Recently I’ve started to comprehend a grand area of system programming – **Linux Kernel Development**. As always, I’ve also started to find some materials about it.


AVR Dragon on Linux

Recently I was needed to make some project on Arduino. Unfortunately, given Arduino didn’t flash via UART using Bootloader properely (I don’t really know what happened with it), so I decided to flash it with ISP programmer.